by Joanne Bromley

We are all human and we all have brains and emotions, and so most of us will experience a variety of mental issues at some point in our lives.

Given my 50 years living on this planet I would like to offer my perspective and personal experience in the area of mental health, the downs and the ups and the balance we all aspire to.

As a young woman PMS symptoms were mostly a time of weepy introspection and keeping away from the perceived harm of the outside world. I was 25 when my son was born and those same negative plays of my mind again became an unwanted theme in my life.

However my poor mental and physical health at that time ultimately contributed to the discovery of my life purpose and the incredible strength I now have to handle any adversity as an opportunity and a force for positive change, not just in my life but in the lives of others.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware and mindful of the triggers that can cause me to be “out of sorts”! And if I don’t mitigate these triggers with nutrition, meditation and space to slow down and relax, I can sink quite quickly. When I have pushed my body and mind to its limit, the sensations I experience on an energetic level are debilitating. Panic attacks, chest pains, inability to think or even be motivated to nourish myself have all been endured and overcome, by what I can only describe as something deep and profound within me, an inner knowing that is always there to uplift me and carry me through whatever awful situation has occurred to make me feel so terrible in the first place.

Expectations either self imposed or imposed by others will hinder an otherwise healthy view of our innate need and ability to honour the value of self care.

3 steps to self care: 

1. Remember one step at a time and each step takes as long as it takes

2.This is not easy for many people...but reach out and communicate. Ask for what you need.

3. Never give up on you….listen to music or a read a book...get out in nature….eat and drink healthy organic foods.

4.Listen to my meditation…..every day if you have to….until something clicks and you’re feeling better.